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The ENERGY-MACHINE - the future energy!

After 38 years of research TK-steel has developed the replacement for oil and other polluting energy sources


  • Runs without use of fuel
  • Replaces oil-fired burners & powerdriven energysources
  • Independent of wind, water and heat
  • Pollutionfree
  • Versatile and renewable

Turn the key and You will get energy for heating, power supplying cells or  for e.g. field-drainage and operation of megamachines - without having any impact on the environment !

Newspapers and Magazines, please give a helping hand! After all, this is the greatest novelty in the age og mankind to be of benefit and deligth to our planet and all life.

Newspapers and magazines, who publish this novelty, will also get the writing about it for the next 5 years.

The ENERGY-MACHINE  is usable in both private housekeepings and gigantic enterprises.

Would You like to be part of  making millions of JOBS and taking care of the international ENVIRONMENT  at the same time ?

THE ENERGY-MACHINE is for sale - or is required produced by engine works in Denmark, Japan and USA.

Enquiry for further information:

Tinus Kristensen
Former  TK Formsteel
8300  Odder



  • Revolution in the world og energy and physics

  • Ready for production or sale

  • Developed by Tinus Kristensen, former owner og TK Formsteel, Aarhus